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MPC Article page is up

Sony to end CLIE production in July

The Abe BT 80C Bluetooth Stereo Cassette
AnandTech Guide to Better Photos: Night Photography
nSignia stock clearance sale
Penang February Beamfest 2005
Final Days for nSignia Cases Survey/Competition
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Chi Mei UCP-100
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Push-To-View (PTV)
MOS Word XP Challenge 2004 / 2005
nSignia Releases New HP hx4700 Leather Cases

MPC Article page is up
Posted on Saturday, February 19, 12:00PM by sillycat under News
Our article page is up and we're still in the progress of restoring old articles.

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Sony to end CLIE production in July
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 09:32PM by boysbytes under Palm OS/Palm OS Phone

Spotted this on Gizmodo.

An article on TechJapan reports that Sony will not release any new CLIE PDAs and will end production of all models in July.

As per normal procedure, Sony will continue providing parts and repair services for 6 years from end of production while specialist telephone support for Clie users will continue for one year. After that, support calls will be handled by VAIO customer service.

However, the article also links to a Japanese article on IT Pro that although Sony is giving up o­n the Clie brand, they are not getting out of the PDA industry.

What could this mean? Your guess is as good as mine.

Details after this link.
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The Abe BT 80C Bluetooth Stereo Cassette
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 09:20PM by boysbytes under Bluetooth

Spotted this on Engadget.

You may soon be able to get rid of that FM transmitter to stream music from your PDA to your car cassette deck. Here's a Bluetooth solution from Abe.

The Abe BT 80C Bluetooth Stereo Cassette is a casette adapter that you can insert into your car's casette deck. The catch is that your music device has to support the A2DP, or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, that this thing uses to stream in stereo. Does the PDA support this profile?

"Now you can listen to your favorite MP3 tunes through any ordinary cassette tape recorder. The Abe BT 80C Bluetooth Stereo Cassette wirelessly connects Bluetooth-enabled music players or PC to your car or home stereo tape recorder. Just put the Bluetooth Stereo Cassette into any cassette tape recorder, pair and connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled audio devices such as MP3, PDA, CD or PC, you are ready to enjoy your digital music with full sound and convenience."

Details from Engadget after the link.

And find out more Abe products from their website.
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AnandTech Guide to Better Photos: Night Photography
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 09:06PM by boysbytes under Digital Camera

Spotted this at AnandTech.

I find night photography to be very interesting. Usually we're used to how things look in the daylight. We do most of our photography in well lit conditions. After all, photography literally means 'light recording'.

But when you do photography at night, it opens up a new dimension to 'light recording'. Night photographs reveal a different way of looking at light, and that new perspective is what makes night photography so interesting.

Before you rush out to take some night photography, you may want to read AnandTech's guide to producing better night photographs.

The guide shows you what equipment you need, some tips on removing 'hot pixels' due to extended exposure, how to take portraits at night and create interesting effects by capturing light in motion.

You can read the guide after this link.
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nSignia stock clearance sale
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 12:07PM by seteck8 under News
nSignia PDA leather case at AUD10.00. Unbeliavable. Plse check nSignia
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Penang February Beamfest 2005
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 09:24AM by doc under News
Hello Hello! It's time to jazz up your pda/smartphone and come for the Penang beamfest this Friday!

When : Friday 8pm 25th Feb 2005
Where : Craven Cafe, Tanjong Bungah
Highlights : Demo of SKYPE (Voice over internet protocol) and Magic Button(Freeware PPC Task Manager) ; Lucky Draw (2 Digi Prepaid Simpacks); Check out the latest gadgets, Mypdacafe Car Stickers for sale.

Come even if you don't have a PDA, but have an interest in finding out how real users use them.
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